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Webex Webinars is an interactive webinar platform that supports simple webinar setup and delivery with audience engagement for up to 100,000 attendees.

Attendee capacity
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A Webex Meet Plan will be included with a Webinars Plan at checkout.


1,000 attendees

75% Off

$68.75 /license/mo
Maximum number of attendeesUp to 1,000
Webinar length24 hours
Content & Branding
Branded landing and registration page with customizable logo, image, and colorsGreen check icon
Customizable pre and post event emails and remindersGreen check icon
Dark and light modeGreen check icon
Recording for on-demand replayGreen check icon
Attendee engagement prior to webinar start (music, image, message)Green check icon
Webex Assistant for automatic transcription, notes, and highlightsGreen check icon
Cloud recording storageCustomizable
Screen sharing optimized for video and static contentGreen check icon
Chat, polling, and moderated Q&AGreen check icon
Native Slido integration for live polling and moderated Q&A (multiple choice, rating, ranking, word cloud, quiz, open text)Green check icon
Animated reactionsGreen check icon
Breakout roomsGreen check icon
Advanced production & presentation
Custom stage layouts and sync the stage for everyoneGreen check icon
Practice session for panelistsGreen check icon
Immersive shareGreen check icon
Create and collaborate on Webinar series to group multiple webinars togetherGreen check icon
Manage video panelistsup to 500
Closed captioningGreen check icon
Manage attendees with raised-hand to easily enable audioGreen check icon
Cohosts to help manage webinarUnlimited
Add alternate hostGreen check icon
Attendees join via browserGreen check icon
Third-party streaming options (Youtube, Facebook Live, Workplace, etc.)Green check icon
RTMP outputGreen check icon
People insights for panelists connected to social profilesGreen check icon
Live chatGreen check icon
Accessibility & Inclusivity
Closed captionsGreen check icon
Real-time translationadd-on
Simultaneous interpretation for live interpreter audio channelsGreen check icon
Screen reader supportGreen check icon
Low vision support (high contrast, zoom)Green check icon
Keyboard shortcutsGreen check icon
Skin tone customization for animated reactionsGreen check icon
Security features

FedRAMP authorized

Green check icon
Encrypted cloud recordingsGreen check icon

TLS 1.2 (signaling) & AES-256-GCM (media)

Green check icon
End-to-End EncryptionGreen check icon

HIPAA/BAA compliance

Green check icon
Enforce panelist password when joining from phone or video conferencing systemsGreen check icon
Support Single Sign On (SSO) for attendeesGreen check icon
Customer support optionsHelp center, chat, call, case form, and dedicated representatives